Mobile Car Detailing Supplies2

Mobile Car Detailing Supplies

Mobile Car Detailing SuppliesIf you are planning a road trip or frequently travel long distances to commute to work, it is a good idea to purchase a portable, mobile car detailing kit to clean and buff your vehicle.

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There are many car detailing kits available in the market to clean contaminants, polish car doors and vacuum interiors for a plush, luxurious look! Listed below are the top five mobile car detailing supplies you can invest in at steal-deal prices.

While purchasing supplies, keep in mind the following.  Purchase kits and supplies from recognized brands only. This ensures that your kit contains only branded, premium products that deliver the best results with minimum effort. Pick supplies that work on the interiors as well as the exteriors of your car. A typical supply kit should include brushes, wax, protectants and a vacuum cleaner with attachments.

Best Car Micro Cleaning vac Attachments

Shop Vac Micro-cleaningThis six piece portable car detailing kit ensures your automobile is always spick and span any time of the day or night. The mobile  kit comes with an adapter that connects to any 1-1/4 inch hose.  Shop Vac Micro-cleaning car detailing kit includes mini attachments like a straight wand, a curved wand, a round and oval brush and a crevice tool.

This kit is light, portable and very easy to assemble, allowing car enthusiasts to carry the detailing supplies on road trips,  allowing car owners to flaunt a spotless, gleaming, shiny automobile all through the trip.

Whether you store the kit in the garage, your office desk or carry it on all your trips, the micro cleaning kit from shop-vac is extremely handy and very effective. Invest in the micro cleaning tool kit to keep your vehicle free of dust, stains and grit in all weathers!

Best Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar's G55032 Complete Car Care KitFeaturing high up on the list of the best mobile car detailing supplies is the Meguiar’s G55032 Complete Car Care Kit offering consumers premium quality care for a swanky, off-the-showroom look! Included in the car care kit is a car wash shampoo and conditioner, quick interior detailer and gold class wax.

The soap-shampoo system cleans your automobile to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants leaving the surface smooth and bright. Gold class wax enriches the paint for a brilliant shine and clear reflection. The quick interior detailer is a high quality cleansing system for car interiors that gently cares for car seats, mats and upholstery.

You can also use the interior detailer on the dashboard, radio, display and windows. The G55032 kit from Meguiar is small, compact and easy to port, making it the ideal car detailing kit to buff your vehicle for a sleek, svelte look!

Best Portable Car Shining Kit

Meguiar's G1016 Smooth Surface Clay KitPamper your prized automobile with the complete detailing supplies kit from Meguiar, offering car enthusiasts a smooth surface clay kit to clean, wax and buff your car till it shines like a beacon! The Meguiar’s G1016 Smooth Surface Clay Kit is a set of light, portable tools that you can employ at any time and place to give your car that radiant shine.

Whether you are on a date, official business, on a road trip or out shopping at a mall, your car will always look new, stylish and well maintained. The clay kit includes two bars, a microfiber towel, a clay lubricant and a non-abrasive clay bar to absorb contaminants from the surface of your vehicle.

This kit also nourishes the paint and restores the smooth surface of the car enhancing the shine and brilliance of the paint. The G1016 kit is easy to apply, offers instant results and is safe for frequent use. Stock up on Meguiar clay kit supplies for a smooth, shiny, swanky ride all through the day!

 Top Car Care Kit to Buy

Armor All 78452 National Car Care KitThe Armor All 78452 National Car Care Kit is all a car enthusiast needs to kick start the day! Featuring a range of high quality tools, the Armor All car care detailing kit gives your automobile a sleek, edgy look all through the year.

The detailing kit includes an original protectant to nourish, enhance and preserve shine, glass wipes for crystal clear windows and windshield, tire foam protectant to restore tires to their natural black appearance and an Ultra Shine wax and wash that lifts dirt to reveal a smooth, shiny surface and clear reflection.

The car kit is light, handy and portable, making it very easy to clean and buff your car on the go. Invest in Armor All detailing supplies today for a sweet ride that has a fresh, zany look!

Best Car Detail Brush Set

Carrand 93019 Final Touch Vent, Dash and Crevice Detail Brush SetRounding off the list of the five best mobile car detailing supplies is the brush set from Carand. The Carrand 93019 Final Touch Vent, Dash and Crevice Detail Brush Set features various brushes to reach inaccessible areas and tiny nooks and crannies.

The kit includes soft nylon, stainless steel and tough brass brushes. The soft nylon brush cleans hard to reach areas while the stainless steel brush scrubs the automobile of bumper and body rust. The brass brush cleans batteries, rust and spark plugs of contaminants like dirt and dust.

This kit is an excellent purchase for car enthusiasts and owners of expensive automobiles, allowing them to keep the interiors and exteriors of the car clean and spot free.

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These mobile car supplies outlined above will keep your automobile shiny, buffed and elegant at all times!